SDB Economic PVA

As the name suggests, is based on a Styronated Acrylic polymer and is specifically intended for the lower end of the market and can be used as an undercoat or a final coat with limited wash ability and can be tinted to pastel colours.

Contractors Acrylic PVA

Also based on a styronated acrylic polymer but with more wash ability (3000 scrubs) and color fastness, It can be used as a first coat and final coat were medium durability is required as in low cost housing projects.


A top quality first coat (for interior and exterior use) with high filling capabilities where bad plastering and imperfections need to be covered by a high opacity primer with excellent adhesion properties. It is only available in white but can be tinted to pastel colors to facilitate good coverage of the second and final coats.


The ultimate water based primer and first coat for top quality Acrylic and washable PVA’s (interior and exterior) on plastered or rhinolighted surfaces. It is an alkali resistant primer and can be used on moist or powdery surfaces with very high coverage and excellent adhesion properties.

Contractors Acrylic PVA

Based on a styronated Acrylic PVA with medium wash-ability and can be used as a final coat on ceilings and interior walls for low cost housing or projects where a medium quality acrylic PVA is required. It can be tinted to a wide range of pastel colors and is also available in pure Arctic white.

Super Acrylic PVA

A high quality acrylic PVA based on a 100% pure acrylic polymer with high a wash ability (5000 scrubs), with a pure matt finish and can be tinted to any pastel or medium color. It is used in living rooms and bedrooms where high durability and a matt finish are required.


This is the ultimate luxurious sheen wall coating (semi gloss) for those special areas in your house, with excellent wash ability, designed for interior use (10 000 scrubs or more) for high traffic areas or everyday living spaces. Decosheen is available in pure white or can be tinted in pastel or medium colors of your choice.


An exterior textured final coat with mica for strength, and a superior latex polymer for ultimate flexibility and durability, to be used as a final coat for exterior walls where a textured finish is required to withstand the harsh conditions of the African sun. It can be tinted to any pastel, medium or deep colors of your choice. With the correct surface preparation and application, this paint will last you 10 years or more on your once in a lifetime investment.


Decorust is a water based anti corrosive metal primer that can be painted directly onto rusted steel. It has a high Zinc Phosphate content that bonds directly to the rusted steel (after all the loose rust have been removed) and prevents further rust when coated with an enamel or roof acrylic paint.